Projects, Production Design & Art Direction

There are grey areas between these categories and many are through personal interpretations. JHD gives you its interpretation.

A Production Designer, known as a designer on stills or known as a stylist can be hand s-on, but like a captain is needed for a ship, so is the visual expression particularly when you are marrying an idea to a budget.

An Art Director, more interpreter than artist, the art director dose exactly that, direct, it’s more in the nuts and bolts, an “Art” production manager but always keeping the integrity of the design in tact.

Production Manager, Budget savvy, they bring all the artisans, trades persons, etc., together and keeps everything running on course, exactly as a production manager would on a building site.


  Green Pages

One of the main objects JHD was commissioned to produce a centre piece that was in keeping with the recycling and sustainable theme. As guests arrived, they were greeted with a glass of bubbly underneath a chandelier made up of 400 used bottles with their bases cut off and wired with low watt led lights. This item had to be made in 10 different sections so to be able to assemble and install. Once the function had concluded at midnight all the objects, including the cat walk, had to be dismantled within one hour.

  All for Kids


  Art Gallery of South Australia 1998 "Life and Death Under the Pharaohs." Exhibition Design & Installation.

  2005 "Azardi" Feature Film


  2007 Code Red

  SA Constitutional Museum


  Estia"s Restaurant



“Fairies” 2005 Children’s Television Series Design


  1989 Australian F1 Grand Prix Ball

In 1988 was the second to last Australian F1 Grand Prix to be held in Adelaide. As part of the contract, JHD had to design and paint a series of large decorated corner sections in a 60’s theme and each measuring 15.000.w X 2.400.

  Optus Astec Event wanted a 72 page booklet to secure the contract from Optus for a round Australia Festival for their employees. Having succeeded they then employed JHD to produce a variety of graphics including the poster to the right as well as a corperate identification. (see Logo Design)


Verdale Olive Estate web site.

A long time client Verdale Olive Estate, rcently commissioned JHD to design and impliment a simple but elegant website. The logo had to also be updated but still retain the original logo JHD had designed over 20 years ago. http://www.verdaleoliveestate.com.au