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Russelle Crowe Gift

On completion of the "Wizard of Oz" nersury commission at the woolloomooloo residence. JHD commissioned to have a Munchkin suit made and presented it to Russelle and Danielle Crowe as a mark of appreciation of such a comprehensive job. This was warmly received.

Green Pages

One of the main objects JHD was commissioned to produce a centre piece that was in keeping with the recycling and sustainable theme. As guests arrived, they were greeted with a glass of bubbly underneath a chandelier made up of 400 used bottles with their bases cut off and wired with low watt led lights. This item had to be made in 10 different sections so to be able to assemble and install, in the morning and dismantled  in the evening after the event had concluded.

Struck by Lightning

During the course of this film “Struck by Lightning” there were a series of busts that bad to be produced. The brief was to create both real timber and numerous faux background copied carved busts that were caricatures of Gary McDonald’s film character. In the film one of the cast has a talent for calving, so he creates these busts for an art auction to raise money for which the institution the non sympathetic McDonald runs.


Watt If Lights One offs

“Watt If” Lights On November the 12th, 2008 a series of bespoke low voltage sustainable light pieces were launched. There are one offs and there are the repeatable.

Our philosophy is to create a range of unusual and interesting lighting pieces that are either functional or funky , in an array of materials and finishes. Low powered technologies are used to make them more energy efficient.

There are two distinctive areas of lighting design. Firstly, there are the one- offs, those pieces that rely on an existing object, usually an antique, and then it is redesigned into something completely different from it's intended use. Secondly, lighting that is designed so that they can be reproduced. This involves everything from the construction, technology, and the finishes.

Watt If Lights Repeatables







1986, 800h X 1400w X 450d, JHD embark on a series of bespoke furniture. One idea was to tompleol images or textures or both.